Public Holidays

Working out what to pay staff on a public holiday can send you into a tailspin. Mark Donovan, Employment Lawyer and Civil Litigation Specialist, has the answers with his article 4 Types of Payment for Public Holidays.

Easter Trading

If an employer wishes to trade on Easter Sunday, they must give notice in writing to their employees of this request, and the employee's right to refuse this work,  at least four weeks (and not more than eight weeks) before each Easter Sunday (every year).  Likewise the employee must notify the employer in writing if they wish to refuse the work offered.

Remember, an employer cannot compel a staff member to work. If an employee chooses to refuse to work, the employee must not be adversely treated because of that decision, or a personal grievance may arise.

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Shift Cancellation

Changes to legislation mean there are now new laws around cancelling shifts and it could cost you... Read this to get a clear picture of what your obligations are.

The Standards Bill

Are all your Employment Agreement's up-to-date? Do all your employees have and Agreement? Your business can be fined up to $100,000 for non-compliance.

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